Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Everything 30% Off In the Shop!

Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! Everything is 30% off in the T Shirt Shop! In the checkout, you just have to enter your secret code, Fall30 at the checkout and you have 30% off on your shirt! That is all the news I have today! Goodbye!

Help Dig Up Poptropolis Games!

Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! Poptropica is bringing back to Poptropolis Games for 2013-2014! We need your help to dig up the stadium! Head over there using the map and go to the bottom! After you get there, you have to dodge the fish, jellyfish, and scary sharks! Then once you get to the bottom, click the ground to start digging! Now you are done! Go back up to the surface! The announcer will add a point to your team's pole! When the games rise, the team with the highest pole wins! Now remember that if you want to dig, please dig for Wildfire. You don't have to, but please dig for Wildfire. We need help quick! Help Wildfire host the games by digging! Goodbye!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Great Time to Play Great Pumpkin Island and Haunted House!

Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! It is a great time to play Great Pumpkin Island and the Haunted House Quest because Halloween is coming up! It is not hard to get to, either. Great Pumpkin Island is on the map and Haunted House is a simple quest that you find in the Poptropica Store! They are really cool! Soon I will upload a video of me (Icy Storm) playing them both! If you would like to see this before anybody else, you can go subscribe to Stormgaminglive on Youtube!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Get your Poptropolis Games Extras Today!

Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! Now it is time to get some Poptropica extras! This time we get the extras for Poptropolis Games 2013!

Step 1 - Click Poptropolis Games Island Tour and Video Trailer

Step 2 - Scroll down until you see 'Island Extras' as a header for a section or click 'Island Extras' on the side.

Step 3 - Click the Pictures

Step 4 - Right Click the image.

Step 5 - Click 'Save Image As' or 'Save Image'

Step 6 - Open it up on your computer.

Step 7 - Right click the image

Step 8 - Click 'Set to Desktop Background

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