Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Nate + Coming Soon

Big Nate Island:
Coming Soon In the School Year 2012-2013, I will start posting my own videos. So keep checking the blog to find out when that happens.
Extra: I am on the Poptropica Wiki. Just type in Poptropica Wiki in google. It should be at the top. Then in the Search Bar, type in Icy Storm.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What to post

Ever wondered what your gonna post on a day like today? Its fun and simple if you have something to post about. I wonder what. Ohhhhhhhh now I remember. Im gonna give you the Nabooti Island Walkthrough.
If you still need help on the fox chicken and feed, heres a video.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Favorite Island 1 : Icy Storm's choice

On the Poptropica blog, the creators are posting about their favorite islands. Im gonna do the same thing. The choosers are Icy Storm, Moody Bean, and Magic Seagull. The first one is the first made of these in March 2011. Its.. Its.. find out below!

Icy Storm! (Me) Find out what I choose as my favorite island is below!

either Astro Knights or Cryptids. I cant decide. The contest is below!

Astro Knights is a challenge, but the games are fun! Cryptids isnt as much as a challenge, and the games are boring and there isn't as much adventure.

The winner is... Astro Knights!              P.S. This was a joke. I will never do it again. Well.. Maybe just once more.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wimpy Boardwalk - Now Online

ATTENTION! - We will be leaving our regular walkthroughs for a special item.
          Wimpy Boardwalk is available to all Poptropicans! But Theres a secret about me that you dont know and if you beat me, I will add you on Poptropica! The secret is in the bottom of the post. But Wimpy Boardwalk is available! My membership expired last night, so I cant give you anymore sneak peaks of the Islands. Oh. Wait. I never did that. Here is the commercial and the walkthrough. This walkthrough is by Graser10 of Poptropica AND Club Penguin.

I have every medallion and have completed every mini quest. I have about 7 pages of member things. Not many people can beat that.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Super Power - Spy Island Walkthroughs

                                                            Super Power Island
                                                                        Spy Island

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Poptropica early poptropica

I realized that I cant find part 2 to poptropica walkthrought, so I am using Fierce Moon's walkthrough. I do not own them.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Early Poptropica Island Walkthrough part 1

I made a decision that I was going to post every 2-3 months. I figured : A new island comes out every month, so if I post every 2 months, I'll never finish my walkthroughs. Another thing is, Im not gonna use MY walkthroughs. Im gonna use them from Youtube instead. So you'll start seeing some changes to this blog. Heres the Walkthrough for Early Poptropica Part 1. I do NOT own this.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shark Tooth Island

             Shark Tooth
  1. Go left to the milk stand and get coconut milk
  2. Go right to the ancient ruins 
  3. Get the translation key on top of the ruins
  4. Go inside the ruins
  5. Go through the obstacles to the top left side
  6. Use the key to get through the door
  7. Keep going to the spikes and fall down a hole
  8. Get to bone and go back to the spikes
  9. Get on a hovercraft to the other side
  10. Go left and get the key ingredient
  11. Go up the hole and to booga Bay
  12. Talk to the guy next to the cart and get a grass skirt and put it on
  13. Go up the vines to the medicine man and talk to him
  14. Go to the island off the shore
  15. Feed booga the shark.
  16. Go right and talk to the people 
  17. Lead them home and get the medallion                                                                                             I was gonna give you a picture of myself by the ruins on Shark Tooth island, but the blogging site wouldn't let me.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poptropica walkthrought part 1

             Early Poptropica
  1. Go down the well at early poptropica
  2. Go all the way left to the glow stick and pick it up
  3. Go down the sewer on main street and get the pig
  4. Go left to the dark room
  5. get the golden egg in the maze
  6. Go to the rooftop restaurant outside
  7. Click on the giant in the clouds
  8. Go right to the water bucket
  9. go right and get the jet pack
  10. go left and over the shovel
  11. Go down the hole to get the flag
  12. return the items to early Poptropica
  13. Talk to the guy on the boat and get the medallion
    Go to the map icon in the top corner to see where you've been on the island