Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Favorite Island 1 : Icy Storm's choice

On the Poptropica blog, the creators are posting about their favorite islands. Im gonna do the same thing. The choosers are Icy Storm, Moody Bean, and Magic Seagull. The first one is the first made of these in March 2011. Its.. Its.. find out below!

Icy Storm! (Me) Find out what I choose as my favorite island is below!

either Astro Knights or Cryptids. I cant decide. The contest is below!

Astro Knights is a challenge, but the games are fun! Cryptids isnt as much as a challenge, and the games are boring and there isn't as much adventure.

The winner is... Astro Knights!              P.S. This was a joke. I will never do it again. Well.. Maybe just once more.

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