Monday, July 23, 2012

Wimpy Boardwalk - Now Online

ATTENTION! - We will be leaving our regular walkthroughs for a special item.
          Wimpy Boardwalk is available to all Poptropicans! But Theres a secret about me that you dont know and if you beat me, I will add you on Poptropica! The secret is in the bottom of the post. But Wimpy Boardwalk is available! My membership expired last night, so I cant give you anymore sneak peaks of the Islands. Oh. Wait. I never did that. Here is the commercial and the walkthrough. This walkthrough is by Graser10 of Poptropica AND Club Penguin.

I have every medallion and have completed every mini quest. I have about 7 pages of member things. Not many people can beat that.

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