Monday, May 16, 2016

Cup Glitch

 Hello, and welcome to Poptropica Secrets. Today, I am bringing up a new glitch I found, that being the Black Glass Glitch (as I have unofficially named it). This glitch gives your character/Poptropican a black glass to carry around. How I discovered this glitch is quite simple. After a few weeks of having light blue hair on Poptropica, I decided to go back to having my usual light red hair color. Seeing how I'm not good at using the colorizer, I headed toward the diner on 24 Carrot Island to change my hair color, as I have done in the past. So I changed my hair color, using the drinks on the counter; when I finished, I noticed that my Ninja Dagger was nowhere to be found. I flew over to Super Villain Island to get my dagger from the Store Items section (the Midnight Red Ninja isn't available in the Store Items section of SUI Islands, and 24 Carrot Island happens to be an SUI Island) and when I arrived, I noticed that my character had a black glass in his hand. How did this happen? I don't know, but I suggest that you guys look into it yourselves and tell me what you find. I'm on Twitter, @Icystorm9 for you to tweet your findings to.

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Galactic Hot Dogs Map Icon - Thoughts

The new map icon
Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! Today I will be discussing the new map icon for Galactic Hot Dogs Island and what I think about it.
I think it's actually really cool. It shows off the main city that they live in, Funketoun, in all it's glorious colors, and the main character. And while he is 40 feet tall, this is the style of many other islands, such as Big Nate Island, Great Pumpkin Island, Poptropicon Island, and the like. Cosmoe also looks a lot less goofy here than on the island. The GHD art style clashes with the Poptropica art style too much, and these characters, made of mainly straight lines, are forced to be rounded to fit in the mold of the typical Poptropican. On the map icon, as it is with Big Nate Island, Wimpy Wonderland, and Timmy Failure Island, they don't need to be designed like that to be recognized as Poptropicans. Heck, in the islands I just mentioned, none of the characters have the typical Poptropican body shape. I really am glad they made this change.

But why did Poptropica make this change? Well, if I remember correctly, the original island, as seen from the map, was the Neon Wiener (which may or may not be the most immature, nonsensical name for a ship ever). Oh wait, it was. Here is a screenshot I took of the map for mobile devices.
The island, formerly seen on the map.
In case you didn't notice, this is not an island. This is their stupid spaceship bus. Besides that, this picture is still lazy. Do you want to know why? Well, guess what I found on the Galactic Hot Dogs website. The image below is almost the same as the image on the right, except one is more cartoony, and the other is more Poptropica-styled. But otherwise, they're the same image. The icon designer must have just uploaded the original image to and drew over it in a new layer, and called it a day. It doesn't help that it doesn't have a shadow or anything, like regular flying objects would. So that's probably why the team changed the icon.
So those are my thoughts. I don't specifically like Galactic Hot Dogs Island, or Galactic Hot Dogs in general, but I think this new map icon is pretty great. What do you think? There's a poll on the sidebar for you to take part in, and I sincerely encourage that you vote.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Quick Review: Timmy Failure Island

Wow, I haven't posted on here in a while.
Anyway, Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! Today I'm going to make a quick review of Timmy Failure Island.
I really like this island. It really fits the Timmy Failure art style, but also feels like it belongs in Poptropica. This was also the first island since early 2014 that felt like it was a full island with a full story.

My favorite free item from the development stage

I really like the development stage of this island, including a new free item every week upon visiting Main Street. All of these free items were magnificent; and while a bit unnecessary, all were very creative and original. I really like the poster; it may be my favorite out of the batch. It is shown on the right side of the page.

I also like the story quite a bit. It doesn't skip around like episodic islands do. It has a definite start and end, and gives me everything I need in-between. It fits in very well with the world, as well.
Before Mistakes Were Made, Timmy's pants were taken. But by whom, and why? And how will he get them back? Since Timmy isn't as great of a detective as he believes, you're put in charge of doing all of the work yourself.
I would actually like to see this adapted into a book; and this is not something I could say for Big Nate Island, Wimpy Wonderland, or Galactic Hot Dogs Island.

The music is some of the best in the game; I could listen to it for hours. In most cases, the music in the game annoys me and gets very repetitive, but the Timmy Failure music is very simple and doesn't annoy me in the slightest.

The items are also nice, but putting a cat in a bag with garden shears isn't necessarily the best idea. I don't understand how rice krispies calls Total, but bonbons don't, when he likes bonbons a lot more.

So that's about all I have. Goodbye!