Monday, May 16, 2016

Cup Glitch

 Hello, and welcome to Poptropica Secrets. Today, I am bringing up a new glitch I found, that being the Black Glass Glitch (as I have unofficially named it). This glitch gives your character/Poptropican a black glass to carry around. How I discovered this glitch is quite simple. After a few weeks of having light blue hair on Poptropica, I decided to go back to having my usual light red hair color. Seeing how I'm not good at using the colorizer, I headed toward the diner on 24 Carrot Island to change my hair color, as I have done in the past. So I changed my hair color, using the drinks on the counter; when I finished, I noticed that my Ninja Dagger was nowhere to be found. I flew over to Super Villain Island to get my dagger from the Store Items section (the Midnight Red Ninja isn't available in the Store Items section of SUI Islands, and 24 Carrot Island happens to be an SUI Island) and when I arrived, I noticed that my character had a black glass in his hand. How did this happen? I don't know, but I suggest that you guys look into it yourselves and tell me what you find. I'm on Twitter, @Icystorm9 for you to tweet your findings to.

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