Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shark Tooth Island

             Shark Tooth
  1. Go left to the milk stand and get coconut milk
  2. Go right to the ancient ruins 
  3. Get the translation key on top of the ruins
  4. Go inside the ruins
  5. Go through the obstacles to the top left side
  6. Use the key to get through the door
  7. Keep going to the spikes and fall down a hole
  8. Get to bone and go back to the spikes
  9. Get on a hovercraft to the other side
  10. Go left and get the key ingredient
  11. Go up the hole and to booga Bay
  12. Talk to the guy next to the cart and get a grass skirt and put it on
  13. Go up the vines to the medicine man and talk to him
  14. Go to the island off the shore
  15. Feed booga the shark.
  16. Go right and talk to the people 
  17. Lead them home and get the medallion                                                                                             I was gonna give you a picture of myself by the ruins on Shark Tooth island, but the blogging site wouldn't let me.

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