Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poptropica walkthrought part 1

             Early Poptropica
  1. Go down the well at early poptropica
  2. Go all the way left to the glow stick and pick it up
  3. Go down the sewer on main street and get the pig
  4. Go left to the dark room
  5. get the golden egg in the maze
  6. Go to the rooftop restaurant outside
  7. Click on the giant in the clouds
  8. Go right to the water bucket
  9. go right and get the jet pack
  10. go left and over the shovel
  11. Go down the hole to get the flag
  12. return the items to early Poptropica
  13. Talk to the guy on the boat and get the medallion
    Go to the map icon in the top corner to see where you've been on the island 

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