Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Return Poptropica Version

 Guess what? Some guy deleted my wiki page. Grrr. Some new things are Super Villain Island, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Zomberry Island. This is new because I havent posted in a while. Welcome to 2013! This blog is now over a year old! Yay! I havent posted since August, so this is not really new, but the Poptropica Friends list now takes tribes and gave them common rooms. Cool, right? Anyway, Not much has happened other then that. I just came to the blog because I felt like it. Okay so now I have some new stuff to tell you. I will now have a party at the exact time this was posted on Super Power Island (NOT Super Villain Island) Tomorrow. Thats 6:35 central time, 4:35 pacific time, and 7:35 Eastern Standard Time. Also if you play Club Penguin, it is 4:35 PST. I will add anyone who comes. If you don't see me, you were probably put on the wrong set of players so make sure you get on at the exact time. I will see ya tomorrow! Bye!
                         ~Icy Storm

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