Friday, February 27, 2015

PoptropiCon: Reign of Omegon Extras Released!

Wallpaper #1, as seen on the Poptropica Creators Blog
Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! Poptropica
has released 2 wallpapers and a paper craft in
accordance to the launch of the final quest of
PoptropiCon Island! The first wallpaper includes 2 Henchbots sitting at a table playing cards while the Elf Archer is sitting in an electric cell in the background, looking sad. The second wallpaper includes Omegon sitting on his purple throne at headquarters, giving orders to his henchbots. We see his henchbot feline lying next to his seat. There appears to be some sort of chain-link fence in the background as well. I wonder what the arrow on the bottom of the slab is.....
Wallpaper #2, as seen on the PoptropiCon Island Info Page
The third item released is a printable papercraft. It can be seen to the left of here, or can be downloaded from the Island Info Page.
It appears to be a henchbot sitting on the ground. It is similar to all the other Poptropica Paper crafts for the last couple of islands. It consists of 4 pieces, and has an easy difficulty level. If you are a kid, I recommend that you ask your parents before downloading, printing, or building your paper craft. Enjoy these items! Are you going to download a wallpaper? Tell us which one in the comments below! See you soon! Goodbye!

PoptropiCon Henchbot Papercraft

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