Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why The Moon is THE BEST Realms Mine

One of my natural but manmade Poptanium bunkers located
on the Moon.
     Welcome to Poptropica Secrets! Today I will be discussing how the Moon is the best type of realm in Poptropica Realms.
1: Jumping
     Because of the low amount of gravity on the moon, in the game and in real life, you can jump super high up to reach the poptanium way up on the top of the screen that you couldn't reach in a normal realm.
2:  Poptanium Bunkers
     In Poptropica Realms, every once in a while you will find Poptanium bunkers every once in a while when exploring. Well, on the moon, they are more common than you would think. Most of the time, you find a Poptanium Bunker every other sector, and it's almost guaranteed that you will find one at least every third sector. Some sectors have 2 bunkers, and in my Moon realm, a bunker from a double-bunkered sector is my entrance into my mine.
3: Animals
     In Poptropica Realms, you will most likely encounter many animals, and some are dangerous and hazardous to your health. But on the moon, as far as I know, there are none (my mining moon realm is huge) and you wouldn't have to worry about this.
4: Water
     Let's face it. There's obviously water in Realms. EXCEPT on the moon. For some reason, in most realm versions, water hurts you. I don't know why, but that's how it works. To avoid running into water mining, go mining on the moon.
     So that's why the Moon is the best Realm type to choose to go mining. I hope you took note of this, enjoyed this post, and found it useful. Thanks for visiting, and goodbye!

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